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ClickFax Control Panel software

All ClickFax accounts come with our Control Panel software free. Use this desktop software to send faxes right from your computer, using only your Internet connection! You can fax digital documents, scanned images, as well as create simple Word mail merges. The ClickFax Control Panel then links in real-time to your contact lists, address books and other databases to make faxing as easy as click... print... send!

To send a fax, just print to the ClickFax printer...

...or, you can attach multiple files to the "Send a Fax" tab.

The main ClickFax address window. All your contacts are displayed here, allowing you to send one or multiple faxes with a few simple clicks!

ClickFax hooks directly into Microsoft Word to allow for seamless integration with your various contact lists and database. No more complicated mail merges!

The main settings screen for ClickFax, which saves your contact information and settings.

Access the ClickFax Control Panel from your Windows tray bar.

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