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Internet Fax Software: ClickFax Costs

We know every business and individual is different- and so are their faxing needs. At ClickFax, we've built a flexible "Build Your Own Plan" system so you pay only for the services and features you want. Whether you only fax a few times per month, or hundreds of documents per day, we have a plan that's affordable for you!

Pricing Estimator
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Plan Pricing
You can choose a monthly or discounted yearly plan. If you need more than one receive number, or need to fax from more then one computer- you don't have to purchase a separate account. You can add those at a minimal charge at any time.

Plus, you can change you plan at any time after you sign up- you're never locked into a contract or pricing plan.

Sending and Receiving Pages
The same goes for the pages you send* and receive. Our base rate for sending and receiving is only 10 cents per page, but if you pre-pay for pages as part of your plan, you get a 20% discount on all pages!

International Customers
ClickFax will work anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you can send and receive faxes over the internet! There are some minimal additional costs for sending faxes to countries other than the US, Canada and the UK.
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Beyond receive numbers and pages, ClickFax offers a wide variety of extras to make faxing and tracking your document delivery more efficient. For less than $10/month we'll mail you, on CD-ROM, a PDF copy of every fax you've sent or received during the month.

*Sending faxes is measured in minutes. The average page takes one minute.

Start Here
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Individuals/Home Office
Internet fax plans as low as $3.50/month...
Small/Medium Business
Multiple numbers and multiple users...
Site licenses and specialized document delivery...
Fax Blasters
One-click fax blasts and mail merges...
Send online faxes from your application...

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