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The ClickFax Internet fax system

Save Money On Long-Distance Faxes!
We've set up a national Internet Fax provider that accepts fax documents via the Internet and routes them over a national network so each fax is ultimately sent using local phone connection. This can save you big money on long-distance charges every single month you use it

Photo-quality Faxes and Emails!
ClickFax creates 100% PDF documents without requiring Adobe's PDF Writer software to be installed on the workstation -- an average savings of $200 per seat. These PDF's are 100% laser-quality, not unformatted text or HTML so regardless of whether the document is emailed or faxed, it looks just like real hard copy output.

Digital Delivery Means FAST Delivery!
Its not just easy- its fast! Because of our Internet Fax technology, sending hundreds of documents takes a minutes- not hours or days! There are no phone connections to make, no busy signals, no unplanned disconnects. Your documents are sent immediately uploaded to our dedicated network of fax and email servers. Then, in a matter of minutes, all of your documents are distributed to their destination fax machines and/or email addresses!

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