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Fax Software for Developers/Integrators

Adding fax software sending and receiving technology can seem like a daunting task- integration with fussy hardware, impossible-to-configure controls, confusing telephone line integration, and lack of flexibility to do all the things your users really want. Until now.

Leave the headaches to us!
We've extended our popular ClickFax Internet fax platform for integration and use in a wide variety of applications and situations. Weather you just want to automate simple every-day faxing, fax your custom reports and documents, allow your users to fax through your email system, or any other document delivery configuration you can think of- you've come to the right place.

Simple, multi-platform API's
Rather than build platform-specific controls, we've opened up our system through a highly-configurable yet easy-to-use HTTP and email API. Even if you're a beginner, you can be generating Internet-based faxes from your application in a matter of minutes with only a few lines of code!

Any ClickFax account can access our API's at no additional cost. For a quick start, view the following support documents:

Email-to-fax API
If you want to fax by programmatically generating an email, this document is a great overview of how our system works.
[ view PDF document >> ]

Web/Secure HTTP API
You can also send faxes programmatically by calling a special set of web addresses (HTTPS).
[ view PDF document >> ]

Custom and In-house Solutions
We've worked with everyone from individual developers to large accounting software manufacturers to bring the benefits of our ClickFax internet fax system to their users. Contact us today, and one of our business relationship representatives will get back in touch with you.
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