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Fax Blasters

Before ClickFax there were two ways to manage large fax blasts. You could either try to set up an in-house fax server. You'd have to content with hardware that takes hours to configure, expensive telephone lines, modems and servers that go down all too often, and fax jobs that mysteriously stop sending. You could avoid all of this by going to a fax broadcasting service. But then you have to deal with high costs, inflexible document setups, and database incompatibilities.

But now there's ClickFax. We've taken our popular Internet fax software and added in all the functionality a fax blaster needs to quickly set up and send jobs. No more waiting days until a job is done! No more complicated database setups! No more headaches!

Thousands of faxes sent in minutes!
ClickFax comes with mail-merge technology that works right inside MS Word. Drop in a few fields, link to your database, and send! And, because ClickFax sends over the Internet- not your phone line- a 1,000 page job can be done in a matter of minutes!

To begin, start with one of the following plans (you'll be able to adjust the numbers before finishing the sign-up). After completing the forms, you'll be given a link to download our application for sending faxes.

300 pages/month plan
This plan comes with 300 free pages each month.
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2400 pages/year plan
Our discounted yearly plan gives you 2400 pages to send at any time during the year!
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1000 pages/month plan
This plan comes with 1000 free pages each month.
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Build your own plan
Our plans are completely configurable in terms of number of users, pages, and more. If one of the above plans doesn't work perfectly, use our "build your own plan system" here.
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