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Fax Software for Enterprise/Corporate

We've all experienced the headaches of setting up a fax system in-house. Hardware that takes hours to configure. Modems and servers that go down all too often. Users unable to reliably send faxes when they need to. Expensive telephone lines.

Dump your fax server!
With ClickFax, you can leave all the headaches with us and concentrate on all your users really want: the ability to send and receive faxes quickly and reliably.

Smart fax software
Every ClickFax plan comes with our ClickFax Control Panel fax software. This allows users to send faxes- with just a few clicks- to contacts in a variety of address books, including Outlook, Exchange, Access, Excel, Lotus Notes, ACT!, QuickBooks, and more!

Remote Faxing
How would your employees like to send and receive faxes while on the road without the need for installing fax software? With ClickFax, all faxing can optionally be done right through any email system (even web-based email). More options for them, less configuration for you!

ClickFax offers you the ability to receive a CD-ROM of all faxes sent and/or received, in PDF format, every month. Perfect for business where a document audit trail is critical.

So now that we've made faxing a cinch, how much more is this all going to cost than your current system? When you factor in your previous costs for hardware, software, telephone lines and maintenance- most likely a lot less!

To begin, start with one of the following plans (you'll be able to change it as you go along). After completing the forms, you'll be given a link to download our application for sending faxes. As well, we will email you your receive number(s).

Department send/receive plan
Set your whole department up with Internet faxing! Comes with 10 user licenses, 10 local numbers, and 500 free pages (used across all users) per month.
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25-user send/receive plan
Set the whole company up with Internet faxing! Comes with 25 user licenses, 10 local numbers, and 1000 free pages (used across all users) per month.
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Site License send/receive plan
We have special pricing and site license plans for companies with special requirements and needs, or who have a lot of users who need to send and/or receive faxes. Contact our corporate sales department by using the link below.
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Build your own plan
Our plans are completely configurable in terms of number of users, receive numbers, pages, and more. If one of the above plans doesn't work perfectly, use our "build your own plan system" here.
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