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Small/Medium Business

How would you like your employees to receive faxes on their own personal number in their email boxes, doing away with fax machines and fax modems for good?

How would you like to utilize your existing Internet connection to bypass the phone company to send faxes without long-distance charges?

How would you like your employees to be able to fax directly from their computer, never having to waste time walking to a fax machine again?

How would you like to directly integrate with programs you already know- MS Word and MS Outlook- to send mail merges and mass fax blasts?

Look no further! With ClickFax's flexible account plans, you can build an affordable faxing plan that works with the way you do business. Add additional numbers, additional users, more faxing minutes at anytime!

To begin, start with one of the following plans (you'll be able to change it as you go along). After completing the forms, you'll be given a link to download our application for sending faxes. As well, we will email you your receive number(s).

Two-user send/receive plan
Comes with two local receive numbers and 120 free pages per month.
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Five-user receive-only plan
Perfect if you're going to receive but not send many faxes. Comes with five local numbers and 60 free receive pages per month.
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Five-user medium-volume sending plan
For companies that send a lot of faxes from more than one employee or computer. Comes with five user licenses and 500 free pages per month.
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Build your own plan
Our plans are completely configurable in terms of number of users, receive numbers, pages, and more. If one of the above plans doesn't work perfectly, use our "build your own plan system" here.
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