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Email Receive Support

Often times emails not being received, or receive fax problems are caused by a misconfigured email system. What happens is a customer's email system either thinks that the specific emails from us are "spam", or that all mail from our servers are "spam".

You may first want to check any of your "spam" or "bulk" mail folders, or your spam blocker software, to make sure our emails and your faxes are not ending up in there.

If this doesn't help, unfortunately, since your email provider is erroneously blocking your faxes and our emails, there is nothing we can do to fix this without their assistance.

You need to alert your email provider to do the following:

Make sure all emails from the following domains are flagged as "not spam":


Make sure none of our mail servers are blocked in any way. The following is a general list of the names of our mail servers. We have hundreds of servers, but the wildcards below specify what they will be named:


Your email provider will want to put all of the above on some sort of "white list".

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